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Monday, January 21, 2008

One of My Favorites

It's one of my favorites and now you can read it too!

Compromise, Hell!: Why have we let those entrusted with our country's defense beome it's destroyers? by Wendell Berry from the Nov/Dec 2004 issue of Orion magazine is a favorite clipping that I have read several times.

"...we have allowed ourselves to believe, and to live, a mated pair of economic lies: that nothing has a value that is not assigned to it by the market; and that the economic life or our communites can safely be handed over to the great corporations."

"It is true that economic violence is not always as swift, and is rarley as bloody, as the violence of war, but it can be devastating nonetheless. Acts of economic aggression can destroy a landscape or a community or the center of a town or city, and they routinely do so."

Want more? Read the entire article:


Blogger Treet said...

I have been Googling for info on Community Gardens in New Albany and have had no luck at all. Your site is encourageing, though.
Is there a community garden in downtown New Albany? I have just recently moved here and am looking for gardening space.

My e-mails to the local ag ext. agent have not been answered? If you could just refer me to the right site or organization, I would appreciate it.


2:40 PM  

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