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Monday, February 19, 2007

Green Roofs

A new movement in improving the environment is the concept of green roofs.

Rooftop gardens lower temperatures and filter the air that passes over them which helps to reduce air pollution. Green roofs last twice as long as conventional roofs and may be used to grow useful vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

According to the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, "Green roof technologies not only provide the owners of buildings with a proven return on investment, but also represent opportunities for significant social, economic and environmental benefits, particularly in cities."

Find out more about green roof technologies at their website:

Sounds radical? According to the Winter 2006 issue of Herb Quarterly, in Chicago even Target, Walmart, and McDonald's have green roofs.


Blogger adamp56 said...

NA Girl - Green roofs are a very hot topic in the roofing industry right now. My company is nation wide commercial and industrial roofing contractor. Our company takes pride in being the nations leading green roof installer. Kentucky currently has almost the fewest number of green roofs of any state. Only Arkansas has less than Kentucky. However, there are several projects in the works for Kentucky and we are meeting and teaching more architects every week. We have attended classes put on by the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities group and we even have sedums growing in our office. There are many benefits to installing green roofs and I am excited to see what happens in the next year or so. One benefit that New Albany could use is storm water retention. All of the rain water that falls on a green roof is trapped by the roof system initially. Then it is slowly released into the storm water system. This lessons the demand on old, failing systems and slows the rate at which they must be replaced. Green roofs are saving the sewer systems in places like Washington DC. We even have a way to put green roofs on sloped residential type roofs. - Adam

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